Peru Destines $40.7 Million Euros for Acquiring New Military Equipment

By Dialogo
December 27, 2010

I believe it is time to equip all of the teams and be at the level of other countries, this keeps the country safe.
The presidency of the Peruvian Council of Ministers has decided to strengthen the system of national defense through a transfer of more than $40.7 million to the Defense Ministry, in order to acquire military matériel within the framework of the Armed Forces’ process of modernization.

By means of ministerial resolution 373-2010-PCM, it was decided that the money will be transferred from the PCM to the Defense Ministry and will be used to purchase four missile systems, sixteen SSM missiles, personal anti-tank weapons, and portable anti-aircraft weaponry.

The amounts transferred will form part of the Fund for the Armed Forces and the National Police, intended solely and exclusively for the acquisition of equipment destined for the modernization of the military and police.

In addition, it is used for the refurbishment and technological renovation of their equipment, as well as for the repair and maintenance of the matériel used in the country’s defense and security.