Peru and Guatemala Agree to Strengthen Fight against Drug Trafficking

By Dialogo
October 25, 2011

Peru and Guatemala agreed to exchange information about the anti-drug fight and drug trafficking in the region, Guatemalan Interior Minister Carlos Menocal announced on October 22, in Lima.

“We have achieved significant progress with Peru on security. We agreed to engage in a fluid exchange of information and experiences in the fight against drug trafficking,” Menocal told Peruvian state news agency Andina.

During the week, the Guatemalan minister visited Peruvian Interior minister Óscar Valdés, the Justice minister Francisco Eguiguren, and anti-drug czar Ricardo Soberón.

“A fundamental thing on which we ministers agree, both Guatemalans and Peruvians, is that the issue of drug trafficking should not be viewed from one country’s perspective, but rather has to be viewed as a regional phenomenon,” Menocal stressed.

The Guatemalan Interior minister announced that he had invited Peru to be part of the Security Commission of the Central American Integration System, in order to strengthen the fight against drug trafficking and organized crime in the region.

He also noted that his country is interested in working with Peru immediately, since both nations have common challenges in the area of the fight against organized crime.

Guatemala is a transit country for illicit drug trafficking and faces a problem of violence and insecurity due to the growing presence of gangs recruited by Mexican transnational criminal organization Los Zetas.

Peru, for its part, is one of the world’s leading producers of cocaine and coca, and Mexican cartels are disputing control of the drug trade with local gangs.