Peru and Ecuador Sign Agreement for the Construction of Patrol Vessels

Peru and Ecuador Sign Agreement for the Construction of Patrol Vessels

By Dialogo
December 27, 2012

Ecuadoran and Peruvian Ministers of Defense, María Fernanda Espinoza and Pedro Cateriano, signed a cooperation agreement in Guayaquil, with the main goal of promoting the joint construction of coast guard patrol vessels in SIMA Peru and Ecuadoran state-owned ASTINAVE EP premises.

The vessels will be initially constructed to have the capacity to participate in search and rescue missions, provide natural disaster relief, and support counter drug trafficking operations, as well as against other illegal activities that could take place in both countries’ coastal areas.

The agreement, signed with the Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa as witness, intends to boost the Defense industry through joint projects, among which is scientific investigations and the construction of multi-purpose vessels for river use. The document has resulted directly from a meeting held by both countries’ presidents during the binational cabinet celebrated in Cuenca, Ecuador.

During the meeting, both ministers agreed to favor Ecuador’s participation in Amazonia General Command, based in Iquitos, Peru, along with Brazil and Colombia, countries that perform military exercises and deployments aimed to work jointly in combat and against illicit activities in the Triple Frontier region.

It was agreed to reinforce the Binational Border Commission, to establish an information exchange mechanism with Colombia, to continue cooperating in humanitarian demining, projecting the model at an international level, and support the creation of the South American Defense College in the UNASUR field.