Peru and Chile Agree on Process for Measuring Their Military Expenditures

By Dialogo
August 18, 2010

The defense ministers of Chile, Jaime Ravinet, and Peru, Rafael Rey, agreed
Monday to establish a process for measuring the military expenditures of their
countries, which are pursuing litigation over their maritime border in the
International Court of Justice in The Hague.

Both ministers signed two memoranda of understanding during an official visit
to Lima by Ravinet, who met with Peruvian president Alan García in the Palace of
Government in Lima.

“The aim is to strengthen ties between the two countries, and we have made
and ratified agreements that can make it possible to continue promoting mutual
understanding and trust, as well as regional peace and security,” the Peruvian
minister said.

Ravinet affirmed that he was pleased with the agreements and emphasized that
his country “wants to live in peace” and demonstrates “maximum transparency” in its
military expenditures.

“Chile and Peru should be capable of constructing a vision that can create
brotherhood between our peoples and that can look to the future,” he
In the memoranda that were signed, “the establishment of a procedure for
starting the process of determining equivalencies for the measurement of defense
expenditures” was approved, Rey said.

As part of this process, Ravinet said at a press conference that his country
is in the process of renovating both its mid-range and short-range air-defense

For his part, the Peruvian minister announced that Peru also has a
public-investment project to acquire an anti-aircraft defense system.