Peru and Brazil Sign Joint Declaration on Defense Cooperation

By Dialogo
January 03, 2012

On December 22, on the basis of the bilateral framework agreement signed in 2004, the defense ministers of Brazil, Celso Amorim, and Peru, Alberto Otárola, signed a joint declaration on cooperation in the defense sector, the primary objective of which is “to strengthen our ties of friendship and bilateral cooperation, defining the aerospace and naval sectors as joint priority areas for investment and development in the field of security and defense.”

The Peruvian minister affirmed that this declaration is another step toward developing the defense industry and in favor of the modernization of the Peruvian Armed Forces, especially, in this case, the Peruvian Navy and the Peruvian Air Force. This new document seeks to go beyond the simple buying and selling of material and equipment and to establish a horizontal cooperative relationship in defense matters, including associated logistical components.

“For Peru and the defense sector, this is a very significant day. It represents a transcendental milestone in the development of our military industry and our new horizons with respect to the technology of our Armed Forces,” Otárola affirmed.

In February 2012, the Peruvian defense minister will return Amorim’s visit with a trip to Brazil, where he hopes to achieve additional agreements to the benefit of the domestic defense industry.

For his part, Brazilian Defense Minister Celso Amorim affirmed that his country is very interested in regional cooperation in the defense sector and that along those lines, it has significant agreements with several countries, its most intense relationships being with Argentina and Colombia, but that it is united with Peru by historical ties and the relationship of good neighbors.