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Paraguayan Security Forces Seize More Than 41 Tons of Marijuana

Paraguayan Security Forces Seize More Than 41 Tons of Marijuana

By Juan Delgado/Diálogo
February 04, 2021

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On November 20, the Paraguayan National Anti-Drug Secretariat (SENAD, in Spanish) announced the seizure of more than 41 tons of marijuana in an operation carried out in Canindeyú department.

“An operational activity that SENAD personnel carried out […] resulted in three simultaneous raids in forest areas of rural establishments, located in the town of Maracaná,” ​SENAD reported in a statement.

At the first location, service members found a narco-camp in a forest, where they detected 8,993 kilograms of chopped marijuana and 500 kg of the pressed drug. In addition, SENAD agents found iron presses, guillotines, and other tools to process cannabis.

“At another operational site, also in a forest area, [service members] found 29,600 kg of chopped marijuana and 1,750 kg of pressed weed under tarps,” SENAD added. Finally, at the third location, consisting of a rural house, narcotics agents seized 620 kg of marijuana.

In total, SENAD seized 41,463 kg of marijuana, dealing a severe blow to narcotrafficking. The institution reported that there were no arrests, as intelligence showed that the criminals were alerted when agents entered the area. However, SENAD specified that it has identified the criminal organization and that investigations are ongoing.

The fight against narcotrafficking has yielded positive results throughout November.

For example, in mid-November, the institution reported the seizure of more than 7 tons of marijuana in Caaguazú department. SENAD agents also rendered a clandestine airstrip inoperative in Bahía Negra, Alto Paraguay department. And during operations against microtrafficking in the city of Itá, Central department, security forces found a mini cocaine laboratory in a house, with “a large quantity of cocaine,” the Paraguayan newspaper La Nación reported.

In addition, in early November, La Nación reported that during a combined operation between Paraguayan and Brazilian authorities, SENAD seized more than 350 tons of marijuana. The raids lasted five days in various areas of Amambay department, along the border with Brazil.