Paraguayan Parlasur Legislators Uneasy About Argentine Nuclear Plan

By Dialogo
March 31, 2011

Paraguayan Parlasur legislators have expressed their concern about an
Argentine plan to install a nuclear plant in the border province of Formosa, near
the Paraguayan capital, according to a declaration made public on 29

If the plan comes to fruition in the border area, “it will constitute a
serious threat to public health and to the surrounding ecosystem, due to the risks
entailed in an energy source with these characteristics,” according to the

The group of legislators expressed concern about the nuclear plants already
in existence in both Argentina and Brazil, two in each of those neighboring

They recalled that some countries, such as Venezuela, have suspended
nuclear-plant construction projects, and others have taken very old plants, which
would not be able to withstand failures or accidents, out of service.

At the same time, at the opening of an international meeting on renewable
energy, Paraguayan Environment Secretary Oscar Rivas reminded his audience of the
tragedy experienced by Japan in relation to its nuclear plants and recalled the
risks of atomic energy, still not overcome.

Parlasur is the deliberative body of Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay,
and Paraguay).