Paraguay Will Invest 234 Million Dollars in Equipment for Its Armed Forces

By Dialogo
December 27, 2010

This information is more than interesting, I have not seen this level of detail and information in any other written material, as is contained in this page, I also believe that the Government is accordingly making an assertive decision, national sovereignty is sacred and is the principle value of a nation as it is in the family.
The government of Paraguay will invest 234 million dollars in equipment for its armed forces in 2011, according to an announcement made by Defense Minister Cecilio Pérez, speaking to reporters. “That is our budget, and within it, the investment plan corresponds to almost 30 %. We will then have a sufficient budget to make new acquisitions in 2011,” the minister indicated.

The Paraguayan defense minister explained that each military branch will set its priorities for acquisition and clarified that military “modernization” will be destined for “the security of the authorities and of the population.” The minister emphasized that after many years, “finally, we will again have armed forces that are well equipped and in a position to carry out their mission, which is to guard our territorial integrity and the legitimately constituted authorities.”

Looking forward, he said that the Paraguayan Armed Forces will acquire vehicles, weapons, monitoring equipment, radars, equipment for use on rivers, on land, and in the air, and fighter and training planes. Along these lines, Pérez affirmed that nothing has yet been determined with regard to a Russian offer to sell military planes and admitted that the sale price “is low, but it’s the Air Force’s job to do the analysis.”