Paraguay Police Kill EPP Leader

By Dialogo
September 30, 2010

During a clash in the early morning of September 24, Paraguayan authorities brought down Nimio Cardozo Caceres, head of the rebel group Paraguayan People’s Army (EPP in Spanish).

Paraguayan Interior Minister Rafael Filizzola confirmed Cardozo’s death during a press conference in Asuncion, adding that police seized guns, grenades and close to US$1,000 in cash from the small guerrilla camp in the hills near Hugua Ñandu where the confrontation took place, according to EFE news agency.

Filizzola told the press that Cardozo, known as “Homero” and “Anibal”, had been sought in connection with several high-profile kidnappings that date back to 2001, reported Xinhua news agency.

One such high-profile case was the kidnapping and murder of former Paraguayan President Raul Cubas’ daughter, Cecilia, who was found dead outside Asuncion in February 2005, after her family paid a $300,000 ransom.

Cardozo’s death came close to three weeks after Gabriel Zarate Cardozo, another high-ranking member of the rebel army and the former Cardozo’s cousin, was killed in another confrontation with authorities in the town of Sidepar, reported EFE.

Chief of the second police zone Cristobal Jara Sosa, stated that the operation continues in Concepcion department, where police are in pursuit of some ten other members the rebel EPP, who fled when they were surprised by authorities.

“The clashes continue,” said Jara Sosa, adding that Cardozo was part of the EPP’s first ring and that they are pursuing members of the group’s main ring, according to Xinhua.