Panama Seizes Record Amounts of Cocaine

By Dialogo
September 28, 2010

After a tip from Colombian armed forces, Panamanian police seized three tons
of cocaine in operation “Belen 2010” on Panama’s Atlantic coast on September
The anti-drug operation took place in Colon when police detected a suspicious
speedboat and pursued it, reported Xinhua news agency.
Panama’s National Police Deputy Director Edward Serracin announced to the
press that after a police shoot out, police managed to intercept the vessel at the
mouth of the Concepcion River, but the suspects escaped, reported
EFE news agency.
The 120 bags of cocaine represented a record amount for Panama’s seizures in
2010, said news sources. But on September 25, authorities from the
National Aeronaval Service (Senan) captured another four tons of the drug at a hideout
along the country’s Caribbean coast, said EFE. The second
seizure, called “Harvest 2010,” was a continuation of “Belen” a day before and took
place at the mouth of the Belen River, also near Colon, said Senan spokesman
Vladimir Rodriguez to the press. Like in the first case, Rodriguez also announced no
one was detained during the second operation.
“Senan alone has seized 19 tons of drugs with the last quarter of 2010 still
to come, and has already exceeded the 17 tons confiscated last year,” Rodriguez said
to reporters.
Operations Belen and Harvest together represent the largest seizures in
Panama so far in 2010, raising the total amount of seized drugs to 79 tons, reported