Over Two Tons of Cocaine Recovered from Submarine Sunk in Honduras

By Dialogo
August 01, 2011

On 28 July, Honduran and U.S. authorities recovered 2.5 tons from inside a sunken drug submarine in the Central American country’s Caribbean waters, a high-ranking Honduran military leader said.

The semi-submersible vessel, which is estimated to still hold another 2.5 tons of drugs, was scuttled on 13 July by its four crew members – three Colombians and one Honduran – when they were intercepted by Honduran coast guard agents.

“We’ve recovered 2.5 tons of cocaine, and we estimate that there is an equal amount still in the vessel,” said the head of the Joint General Staff of the Honduran Armed Forces, Gen. René Osorio.

Honduras, which has Atlantic and Pacific coasts, is used by Mexican and Colombian cartels for shipping cocaine from South America to the United States.

The presence in Honduras of the Mexican cartels, which have extended their operations into Central America as a result of the war launched against them in their own country, is exacerbating local violence due to territorial disputes between gangs, according to the authorities.