Over a Ton of Cocaine Incinerated in Paraguay

By Dialogo
September 18, 2012

Paraguay’s National Anti-drug Secretariat (Senad) incinerated 1,078 kilos (2371.6 pounds) of cocaine in several operations throughout 2011 and this year, informed officials on September 14.

The drug disposal was carried out in industrial-scale furnaces from Aceros Paraguayos (Acepar) steelworks, in the presence of Paraguayan President Federico Franco.

“By incinerating this massive amount of cocaine, we closed the cycle of disposing and removing out of circulation shipments confiscated in the operations,” stated Senad in a press release issued on September 14.

In October 2011, a load of 390 kilos (858 pounds) was confiscated in the Amambar department, on the border with Brazil, where the anti-drug police impounded a light aircraft and captured its crew.

Another shipment of 359.30 kilos (790.46 pounds) was seized last August 2, in Ciudad del Este, in the Triple Frontier area shared with Brazil and Argentina. The drug was being transported by a large truck. Three people were arrested.

About 329.21 kilos (724.26 pounds) were also confiscated on August 21 in the vicinity of Asuncion, in the Port of Caacupemí. The drugs were hidden under cargo of wood to be exported to Italy. Several people were detained, according to Senad.