Over 20 Countries Will Meet in Colombia for Expodefensa

By Dialogo
October 30, 2012

On October 25, Colombia’s Deputy Defense Minister for the Social and Enterprise Defense and Wellbeing Group, Yaneth Giha, introduced EXPODEFENSA 2012, a specialized fair for the industry of national and international defense and security that will be held from October 31 to November 2 in Bogotá.

“For Colombia, this fair is an additional confirmation of the position we enjoy in the field of defense and security; it is a vote of confidence that countries and companies in this arena are giving us,” said Giha.

The Deputy Minister revealed that delegations of Armed Forces from 20 countries, such as China, Romania, Israel, United States, United Kingdom, Chile, Brazil, Spain, and Central American nations, among others, will attend the event.

She also stated that over 100 national and foreign companies will showcase their most recent products and advances in individual and collective weaponry, vehicles, vessels, boats, planes and helicopters.

Finally, Deputy Defense Minister Giha indicated that the event will have a space to unveil technology, which consists of showing in detail the required parts for a product that is currently being imported, so national companies can assess and potentially express their interest to build them.

“Colombian companies, such as the Corporation for Science and Technology for the Development of the Naval, Maritime and Riverine Industry, and the Colombian Aviation Industry Corporation will have the chance to deploy technologies that are currently being imported, so national companies can evaluate their potential to offer them,” indicated Giha.