Outstanding Performance of Military Forces League in Paranational Games

Outstanding Performance of Military Forces League in Paranational Games

By Dialogo
November 30, 2012

Military Forces representatives at the third edition of the Carlos Lleras Restrepo Paranational Sport Games, which started on November 24, are showing the courage that identifies national Soldiers.

So far, six gold, four silver and four bronze medals have been obtained by the athletes during the competition’s first three days, excelling in cycling, swimming, track and field, and shooting.

The party reflects the sport’s ideal of inclusion with the arrival of 1,419 athletes representing 19 political administrative regions in Colombia, which are competing in 16 sports until December 2.

Around 300 cyclists in the different disciplines for the Paracycling tournament already competed in Cali about two weeks ago, where athletes from Bogotá dominated the competition winning nine gold, four silver, and four bronze medals, to leave the capital as leaders in the medal grid of the III Paranational Games.

Major expectations are placed on Corporal Fabio Torres, weight lifting national champion, who is expected to break his own mark again, and Soldier Mauricio Vega, national and international champion in wheelchair tennis, who gave an impressive performance in South Africa 2010.

This version of the Paranational Games features 17 sports, 32 competitions, 639 gold medals, 639 silver medals, and 741 bronze medals.