Opening Ceremony Kicks Off Panamax 2010

Opening Ceremony Kicks Off Panamax 2010

By Dialogo
August 18, 2010

More than 2,000 civilian and military personnel from 18 countries began a
12-day exercise here today to train in a joint, multinational effort to defend the
Panama Canal.

The purpose of the exercise, called PANAMAX 2010, is to enhance regional
cooperation and exercise participating nations’ ground, naval, air and special
operators’ ability to respond to threats to the Panama Canal and plan for a
major humanitarian assistance and disaster relief event in the region.

Co-sponsored by the Government of Panama and U.S. Southern Command, PANAMAX
2010 is one of the largest multinational maritime training exercises in the world,
and is taking place in the waters off the coasts of Panama from Aug.

Participants will conduct naval operations as a multinational task force
responding to exercise scenarios ranging from a stabilization mission to disaster
relief; scripted scenarios will address maritime operations skills essential to
successfully countering 21st Century threats potentially encountered in
today’s maritime environment.

Nations participating in PANAMAX 2010 include: Argentina, Belize, Brazil,
Canada, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala,
Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, United States and

PANAMAX began in 2003 with the participation of three countries: Panama,
Chile and the United States. Since then, exercise participation has grown
significantly, peaking during PANAMAX 2009 with 20 nations.