One of the Most Feared Colombian Narcotrafficking Criminals Captured

One of the Most Feared Colombian Narcotrafficking Criminals Captured

By Dialogo
March 07, 2012

On March 5, at the conclusion of four months of investigation that began following the murder in Bogotá of alias “El Gordo” [The Fat One], the Colombian National Police arrested Andrés Fernando Arroyabe Ramírez, alias “Máquina” [Machine], currently linked to the “Los Urabeños” criminal gang and recognized among emerging drug-trafficking groups as one of their most dangerous criminals.

Arroyabe Ramírez has been part of two of the most powerful drug-trafficking and enforcement organizations in the country: “Los Rastrojos” [The Stubble], and “Los Urabeños”. Still, he also had the financial independence to manage a structure of more than 300 criminales present throughout the country, where he promoted the empowerment of “Los Urabeños” through aka “Mi Sangre” (My Blood).

Alias “Máquina,” who is sought for extradition by a Miami district court on federal charges of drug trafficking and the murder of government witnesses, was hiding in Bogotá, from where he fled to take refuge on a rural property where he was finally arrested. According to the DEA, Andrés Fernando Arroyabe Ramírez is believed responsible for the shipment of more than ten tons of cocaine to the United States and was the owner of one of the best stables in Antioquia.

During Operation Rebirth, carried out by specialized units of the Criminal Investigation and Interpol Directorate (DIJIN) with support from the Special Operations Command (COPES) of the National Police, seven firearms were seized, including a mini-Uzi submachine gun, along with 20 Blackberry cell phones, two iPads, six high-frequency communications radios, two armored vehicles, and documents linking him to financial transactions worth over a million dollars.