One Arrested For “Hacker” Looting Of Colombian University Accounts

By Dialogo
March 23, 2009

Colombian police arrested a woman suspected of being part of a gang of "hackers" who managed to withdraw approximately $670,000 in an ongoing series of bank account thefts in the University of Cartagena (North), an investigating official reported on Thursday. The woman, identified as María Eugenia Fernández, was captured as she was preparing to withdraw part of the stolen money after transferring it to several accounts in the Colombian branch of the Banco Sudameris. According to Germán Sierra, the President of the University, the criminal network was able to break into the bank system that was used to electronically deposit employees’ social security payments. From the main account, money was sent in small amounts to accounts in several Colombian cities, and was then withdrawn as cash. A group of computer experts in the Colombian Police is continuing the investigation in order to find other members of the ring. "We will soon make more arrests," an official of the Police of Cartagena who is responsible for the investigation told AFP by telephone.