Officers from the Chilean and Brazilian Air Forces in Professional Exchange

Officers from the Chilean and Brazilian Air Forces in Professional Exchange

By Dialogo
September 23, 2010

Two pilots from the Brazilian Air Force (Força Aérea Brasileira – FAB) have been at Chabunco Airbase, in Chile, since September 7th, in a professional exchange between the two countries in which FAB officers have been able to fly with Chilean Air Force F-5 Tiger III aircraft.

Aviation Group No. 12, the host tactical unit, welcomed Captains Cássio de Souza Neto and Gregore Denicoló, who arrived from the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre, respectively. Both expressed their happiness to be in Punta Arenas, especially with the Fourth Air Brigade, where they were very warmly received and witnessed the professionalism with which the Chilean Air Force (FACh) operates.

During their stay with Aviation Group No. 12, the Brazilian officers will be able to participate in a flight program elaborated by the institution, in which they will have the opportunity to carry out several missions with F–5 Tiger III aircraft, in a region that has special geographical and meteorological characteristics.

The FAB officers said that among the conditions that stand out are the low temperatures and the strong wind predominant in the area, while in Brazil the temperatures in which they are used to operating vary between 20ºC and 30ºC, and the wind speed normally does not exceed 40 km/h.

On September 9th, Captains Cássio and Denicoló were hosted by the Commander of the Fourth Air Brigade and the Southern Joint Command, Air Force Brig. Gen. Juan Soto Palomino, who offered them a cordial welcome and wished them much success in the mission they were beginning with the Brigade.