Ocean Patrol Vessel “Apa” is Incorporated into the Brazilian Navy

Ocean Patrol Vessel “Apa” is Incorporated into the Brazilian Navy

By Dialogo
December 03, 2012

On November 30, the Ocean Patrol Vessel (OPV) “Apa” was incorporated to the Brazilian Navy during a ceremony presided by Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Fernando Eduardo Studart Wiemer, at the facilities on the Portsmouth Naval Base, in the United Kingdom.

The ship was built by BAE Systems Maritime – Naval Ships. The OPV “Apa” owes its name to an important river in Brazil, like the other ships in this Class, such as the “Amazonas,” which was incorporated into the Navy on June 29, 2012, and the “Araguari,” scheduled to be delivered to the Brazilian Navy within the first half of 2013. Construction of the OPV “Apa” started on September 10, 2008, and the keel laying was on February 16, 2009. The vessel sailed for the first time on November 19, 2009, and the construction was finalized in June 2010.

The main features of the OPV “Apa” are:

Total length: 297 feet
Length between perpendiculars: 272 feet
Maximum beam: 44.2 feet
Sailing draught: 14.7 feet
Load displacement: 2,170 tons
Maximum speed with 2 MCP: 25 knots
Action ratio at 12 knots: 5,500 nautical miles
Endurance: 35 days
Troop carrying capacity: 51 troops
Cargo transportation capacity: 6 containers of 15 tons each
Weaponry: one 30-mm cannon, and two 25-mm machine guns
Propulsion system: two MAN 16V28/33D 7 350 HP engines
Energy generation: three 500 kW CATERPILLAR generators, one 200kW CATERPILLAR generator
Crew size: 12 officers, 21 SO/SG and 48 CB/MN

The Ocean Patrol Vessel “Apa” was designed and built to meet the need for surveillance of extensive maritime areas. Due to its great endurance and capacity of operating with organic aircrafts (helicopters) and two speedboats, it will contribute to the other ships of the Brazilian Navy during the protection and surveillance of the Blue Amazon.

After the incorporation into the Navy, the “Apa” will navigate towards Brazil in the second half of February 2013. In this two-month journey from Portsmouth, in the United Kingdom, the ship will stop in Portugal, Spain (Gran Canarias), Mauritania, Senegal, Angola, and Namibia. Other ports will include Rio Grande (Rio Grande do Sul), Itajai (Santa Catarina), in Brazil. The final destination will be Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the first half of May, 2013.

Excellent news for the Brazilians who are concerned about the South Amazon, and the Latin American Navies inter-American defense and cooperation system. We shall wait for the Oceanic Patrol Ship “APA” that soon will arrive at its port in Brazil. May I congratulate the Navy Command for the successful acquirement of this one more ship.
Ney de Araripe Sucupira
*Member of the Friends of the Navy Society
São Paulo - Brazil