Obama: The United States Does Not Want to Keep Troops in Afghanistan

By Dialogo
June 05, 2009

CAIRO, 04 June 2009 (AFP) - On the occasion of his awaited discussion concerning a new relationship with the Muslim world given in Egypt, US President Barack Obama declared on Thursday that the United States does not have the intention of keeping troops in Afghanistan. “Please do not be mistaken: we do not want to keep troops in Afghanistan. We do not want to have military bases in this country”, Obama explained during his discussion at the University of Cairo. “We would like to carry all of our soldiers home if we could be sure that there were no violent extremists in Afghanistan and in Pakistan who are determined to kill the greatest number of Americans possible”, the American president added. The U.S. commitment of assuming its role in the 46 country coalition “has not decreased” in spite of the costs, he added. However, he admitted that it is “costly and difficult politically to continue with this conflict”. Obama announced that the United States plans to earmark 1.5 billion dollars each year over the next five years for construction and to help the Pakistani refugees. Also he will set aside 2.8 billion dollars to promote economic growth in Afghanistan.