Norwegian NGO Ends Demining Activities on Peruvian-Chilean Border

By Dialogo
December 26, 2012

Humanitarian organization Norwegian People’s Aid, experts in explosives deactivation, delivered 67,000 km2 of demined territory on the border between Peru and Chile on December 20, the Norwegian organization reported.

The delivery was made after two months of work with representatives of the Peruvian and Chilean Ministries of Foreign Affairs as witnesses, Claudio de la Puente and Alfonso Silva, respectively.

In total, 333 landmines were removed, 261 of which were antipersonnel, and 72 were antitank. The task was conducted by 30 specialists supported by guide dogs. Warning signs that surrounded the dangerous area were also removed along with the explosives.

The mines were installed in the 1970s by an order that Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990) issued at a time of tension between both countries.

Last February, due to heavy rains, an unknown number of mines planted in Chilean territory slipped towards Peruvian territory, near Hito 1 on the bilateral border.

Norwegian People’s Aid was commissioned by Lima and Santiago governments to remove the mines. The Norwegian organization is currently working on demining efforts in 18 countries, including Iraq, Serbia, Vietnam and Congo.