NIGERIA: Anti-Terrorism Screening Machine

NIGERIA: Anti-Terrorism Screening Machine

By Dialogo
April 01, 2011

I'm glad that this type of machine is being installed in Nigeria, the land of our brothers. It's very important for the government to have this cutting-edge technology to protect Nigerians from any terrorist attacks. God bless our brothers. Glory to God and long live Nigeria

Nigeria has installed high-tech screening devices in its largest airport that are designed to detect threats from dangerous passengers or smugglers before they board a plane.

The ProVigilant screening device asks passengers a number of simple questions and is designed to detect deception. The machine is being updated to add major Nigerian languages.
The test takes less than two minutes per passenger, and the machine’s analysis is displayed on a monitor for a security agent to view in less than one second.

The machines were approved for general use in December 2010 at Lagos’ Murtala Muhammed International Airport after a 15-day trial in which more than 2,000 passengers were randomly selected to undergo the advanced screening.
“It asks you a series of questions related to nationality,” said ProVigilant Chief Operations Officer W. Douglas Fitzgerald in a news conference. “If you live in and reside in Nigeria, then it goes on to questions related to smuggling, terrorism and weapons. It evaluates your response to those by touching the screen to a number of algorithms and then gives you a rating of being either a low risk or a very high risk.”
The machine can effectively screen 10 percent of 400 passengers traveling on a Boeing 747 aircraft, said Fitzgerald.