Nicaraguan Police Dismantle Drug Trafficking Support Network

By Dialogo
July 02, 2012

The Nicaraguan police have dismantled a gang of 25 Nicaraguan citizens who provided logistical support to an as-yet unidentified cartel for the transportation of drugs between Panama and Honduras, an official source announced.

In the operation, 19 people were arrested, and another six are fugitives, said Glenda Zavala, the head of Law-Enforcement Support, at a press conference.

The official explained that all the members of the network are natives of the Caribbean coast and that they basically supplied fuel and food to the drug traffickers’ vessels at sea.

The network provided support to drug traffickers operating in the Caribbean and transporting drugs along the route from Colón (Panama) through Puerto Limón (Costa Rica) and Tasbapouni (Nicaragua) to Honduras, Zavala said.

The official said that they have been tracking this gang, which also provided services for hiding and storing drugs in clandestine locations along Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast, for two years.

Nevertheless, she stated that the police are still investigating “to what cartels the drugs went.”