Nicaraguan army naval unit seizes cocaine shipment

By Dialogo
July 18, 2012

MANAGUA, Nicaragua — The Nicaraguan army seized 432.8 kilos (954.2 pounds) of cocaine on the country’s Northern Caribbean coast after a shootout with four drug dealers who escaped, authorities said.
The drug traffickers were spotted by a vessel of Nicaragua’s Army Naval Force July 14 in Sandy Bay, a beach area located in the country’s Autonomous Region of the Northern Atlantic.
“Boats from the Naval Force pursued [the narco-traffickers],” the army said. “[The narco-traffickers” then opened fire against soldiers, with no casualties registered.”
The dealers escaped in a jungle area close to the beach, authorities added.
After boarding the abandoned vessels, soldiers found the drugs inside 17 sacks, along with a shotgun, seven cell phones, five barrels of oil, 15 communication radios, waterproof boots and bodysuits, balaclavas and lifeguard vests.
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