Nicaragua Moves forward to Renovate Coast Guard Fleet

Nicaragua Moves forward to Renovate Coast Guard Fleet

By Dialogo
August 08, 2013

Nicaragua is analyzing several options to modernize its naval fleet used for maritime border surveillance and for the fight against drug trafficking, Army General Julio César Avilés Castillo, Nicaraguan Armed Forces Commander in Chief reported.

“We are trying to strengthen our Naval Forces to accomplish this mission,” Avilés said, explaining that the current fleet is obsolete.

“Nicaragua is fully entitled to renovate” its fleet, to respond to the new “threats” that the country is facing, he said.

Avilés stated that the Nicaraguan naval force has not been renovated since 2000, and that they are currently operating with several difficulties.

He added that they “visited different factories or shipyards where some vessels are manufactured,” to evaluate prices and check if they have what is needed.

On July 31, President Daniel Ortega said that negotiations were being made, mainly with the United States and Russia, in order to acquire new air and naval means to combat drug trafficking.

Ortega added that negotiations have been made “with the United States, as we have been working with them for a long time, and with the Russian Federation, a country that has been cooperating very closely with us since 2007.”

The Nicaraguans are taking up arms against Colombia definitely with the help of Santos' best friend. The actions taken by the Navy of the Central American country are a good reason for the authorities of my country, Guatemala, to do the same. I was a collaborator for the recovery after Hurricane Mitch in 1998, which allowed me to know the state of the boats in the Guatemalan Atlantic, 12 years later I went back for Academic reasons, and by then they were already in poor shape and with a lower than average performance.

It's been 15 years since that first experience and the vulnerability in the Atlantic and Pacific coasts has exceeded by far the capability of response. And so it is imperative to look for a viable solution.- Nicaragua has every right to strengthen its navy in order to achieve [pinolera] sovereignty