New Horizons Brings School Supplies, Improvements to Ica

New Horizons Brings School Supplies, Improvements to Ica

By Dialogo
November 06, 2012

Representatives of the U.S. Embassy in Lima, the Southern Command of the United States (SOUTHCOM) and the Virgin of Loreto Association in Ica, Peru, handed over more than $53,000 in folders, desks, school kits and medical supplies to surrounding communities participating in New Horizons 2012. At the same time, the humanitarian mission inaugurated a classroom in the “Peruvian Air Force 2nd Sgt. Orrego Lázaro Morales Educational Institute,” which was built jointly by the Armed Forces of Peru and the United States.

New Horizons is a series of joint humanitarian exercises conducted annually by the SOUTHCOM with Central and South America, and the Caribbean. Its main objective is to promote bilateral cooperation, interoperability and joint disaster response capabilities.

The donations made in early October were a result of close cooperation between SOUTHCOM and the U.S. Embassy in Peru, the South American country’s Armed Forces and U.S. and Peruvian NGOs such as the Virgin of Loreto Association, a Peruvian non-profit that has supported the Peruvian people with civic actions in different regions of Peru during 20 years. The Virgin of Loreto Association accepted the U.S. donation and took charge of the official handover of the donation.

The material included 2,400 school kits for children, which included modern and colorful school bags and supplies donated by the Office Depot Foundation; disaster relief equipment donated by the Midwest Mission Distribution Center; and medical equipment donated by the Sister’s Mission Outreach Hospital.

U.S. Navy Captain Kyzar Ryan, highlighted the valuable services provided by NGOs such as the Virgin of Loreto Association.