New Contingent of Salvadoran Troops Joins UN Mission in Haiti

New Contingent of Salvadoran Troops Joins UN Mission in Haiti

By Dialogo
December 23, 2015

I agree that Chapo G. should be tried in the United States. I hope someday the Armed Forces of our countries will united to create large contingents to be incorporated into the sowing and harvesting of the Agro-Alimentario and also breed cattle and poultry. And, equally, may the great machinery be used in the work of these activities and to build highways and other activities to develop our countries and strengthen our environment to achieve a lasting peace. It is time to grow and develop the highest humanitarian peace endeavor.

A new contingent of the Salvadoran Armed Forces (FAES) joined forces with the recovery, reconstruction, and peacekeeping efforts of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH). Known as SALCON VI, the group is composed of 44 military officials who joined the Chile 24 Battalion.

“It makes the Armed Forces proud to have a select and prepared group of personnel represent us in foreign lands and before an organization that recognizes our professionalism when making ourselves available for multinational work with other Armed Forces on humanitarian tasks,” said Brigadier General Félix Núñez, Commander of the FAES’ 3rd Military Zone, where SALCON VI took off aboard a Chilean Air Force aircraft.

The Salvadoran contingent arrived to Cap Haïtien on November 20th to help ensure the Caribbean island's safety through foot and vehicle patrols. Lieutenant Colonel Carlos Alvarado will lead SALCON VI for six months.

“We are going to work so our Haitian brothers can rebuild their country in peace,” Lt. Col. Alvarado said. “In the same way, we will take part in other civic-military activities in the areas of education and health, such as the distribution of humanitarian aid or the support of communities’ basic needs.”

The FAES has been a part of the MINUSTAH since February 2013, with 136 personnel from the Chile 24 Battalion, in fulfillment of resolution 2180 of the U.N. Security Council. Today, MINUSTAH receives Military personnel support from 19 countries – Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Jordan, Mexico, Nepal, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, the United States, and Uruguay.

“[Though the FAES does not bring their own equipment to this mission, it’s] one of the most representative missions that we participate in today due to its enormous contribution to the preservation of world peace,” Salvadoran Defense Minister David Munguía Payés said.

For that reason, the United Nations has recognized SALCON’s work in Haiti. On September 18th, 34 SALCON V members received the Peace Keeping medal during a ceremony presided by UN Secretary-General Deputy Special Representative for MINUSTAH Mourad Wahba and Acting Commander Brigadier General Jorge Peña.

“We feel very proud of you all and are satisfied because you have completed the mission, have held the name of the FAES in high esteem, and have made the professionalism, courage, valor, and military spirit that characterizes each member of the Salvadoran Armed Forces at an international level,” said Brigadier General José Mauricio Villacorta, Commander of the FAES’s Doctrine and Military Education Command upon SALCON V’s arrival to El Salvador on November 10th.

The SALCON V contingent left for Haiti on May 1st. Over six months, it conducted 729 operations, which included medical and security services; foot, motorized, and night patrols; and first response support to communities.

“The Haitian people are very noble and have communicated their gratitude to the personnel belonging to the five contingents through their daily support of our cooperation, both in public security and in humanitarian relief,” said Lieutenant Colonel Velial Casco Roque, SALCON V’s Commander.