Nearly Eight Tons of Marijuana Seized in Colombia

By Dialogo
March 01, 2011

The Colombian anti-narcotics police seized 7.9 tons of marijuana, valued at more than 700,000 dollars, in three operations carried out in the city of Medellín (in northwestern Colombia) and the department of Meta (in central Colombia), that armed body announced on 26 February.

In a first operation, 5.6 tons of pressed marijuana ready for distribution were discovered as they were being transported by truck in the city of Medellín (four hundred kilometers northwest of Bogotá), and three people traveling in the vehicle were detained.

In the department of Meta, in separate operations in each of two rural areas, a total of 2.2 tons of marijuana was seized.

According to the police, the marijuana seized in Meta belonged to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), a communist guerrilla group and the chief such group in the country, with forty-six years of armed struggle against the Colombian state and currently with around nine thousand fighters, according to military estimates.

In the two rural areas where the marijuana was found, 2.4 hectares sown with marijuana plants were also eradicated by hand, the report by the anti-narcotics police specified.