Navy Divers Exchange Expertise In Jamaica

Navy Divers Exchange Expertise In Jamaica

By Dialogo
July 26, 2011

Navy divers assigned to Mobile Dive and Salvage Unit (MDSU) 2 Company 23 came together with divers from Jamaica, Bahamas, Canada and Guatemala during an opening ceremony for a joint subject matter exchange in Port Royal, Jamaica.

The divers traded knowledge and tactics on dive medicine, diving operations, chamber operations and lift-bag procedures. The subject matter exchange is intended to ensure that all the divers have the same basic understanding of the procedures, to increase interoperability amongst the different nations.

“Interoperability is essential to our maritime operations,” said Lt. Delando Coriah, training officer for the Jamaican Defense Force coast guard. “Each of us brings something different to the team, all of which will enhance our awareness of our maritime domain.”

This is MDSU 2’s first time working with divers from Jamaica. The members of the unit said they look forward to exchanging their tactics and knowledge of dive operations.

“It is truly a great opportunity to work with divers from the Jamaica Defense Force,” said Chief Warrant Officer James Hordinski, officer in charge of MDSU 2 Company 23. “I look forward to building a lasting relationship, exchanging information, and increasing the interoperability amongst the nations participating in this subject matter expert exchange.”