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  • National Colombian Police and a unit of digital media experts are headed to Brazil’s 2014 World Cup

National Colombian Police and a unit of digital media experts are headed to Brazil’s 2014 World Cup

National Colombian Police and a unit of digital media experts are headed to Brazil’s 2014 World Cup

By Dialogo
June 06, 2014

The 2011 FIFA U-20 World Cup Championship in Colombia was a great challenge for the Colombian National Police. It involved deployment of tactical, technological, logistical and operational capabilities that allowed the institution to conduct and structure the Security Master Plan for the championship, with excellent results in security, trust, and satisfaction among delegations and people that attended this event.
Many people praised the Colombian Police’s performance, including Mr. Joseph S. Blatter, President of the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA). Due to the capability shown during the development of major sporting events, the National Police became a benchmark for the security for Brazil's World Cup 2014.
The Colombian Police will participate in the most important soccer tournament in the world, which gathers the best teams and millions of fans. After 16 years, a and three World Cups, [Colombian coach José] Pekerman's soccer team will arrive in Brazil to encourage more than 42 million citizens, while the institution will deploy a selection of experts and knowledge to accompany and guide the Colombian citizens traveling to the Brazilian host cities where the World Cup will be played.
In response to the honorable invitation by the Brazilian Federal Police, the Colombian National Police will support the tricolored team in the World Cup, sending seven officers to serve as part of the International Police Cooperation Center - World Cup 2014 (CCPI) during the tournament.
The Brazilian government will authorize those officers to coordinate and serve as liaisons to assist their countrymen’s requirements, becoming the direct link with the Brazilian Police. They will be in the cities where Pekerman’s players will play the first round.

A Dream Team

The National Police’s participation in the World Cup will feature “CUADRANTE EN BRASIL” (#CuadranteBrasil): a mobile application that allows users to promptly obtain information and assistance. With the device, each Colombian soccer fan will have the opportunity learn the photo, location and phone number of the police, which may assist them with any concerns they have.
In Colombia, the networking group of the Strategic Communications Office is prepared to maintain 24-hour contact with Colombian nationals in Brazil, as well as update content with those officers that will attend the event to support its success and guarantee the good behavior of the tricolored soccer team fans.
It is the first time that the Colombian Police will be part of the World Cup; “being there” is the institution's commitment to the country and its people. This is the best opportunity to ratify that this is a sport that transcends borders, and certain issues, such as security, have no language or barriers.
The mobile application “CUADRANTE EN BRASIL” can be installed on any mobile device (Android, iOS), and has a navigation menu with user friendly content that favors interaction with the police, providing the opportunity to share and deliver security recommendations, information about places of interest, such as police stations, tourist attractions, hospitals, consulates, and public offices.
With this application and the group of uniformed personnel in Brazil 2014, the Colombian National Police will obtain the “security cup”, confirming once again the commitment of always “being there”.