More Than Half Ton of Cocaine Seized in Colombia

More Than Half Ton of Cocaine Seized in Colombia

By Dialogo
July 03, 2012

A shipment of 506 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride that was being transported on a fishing boat was seized in a coordinated operation involving units of the Colombian National Navy and the Colombian Police, in the inner harbor of the Port of Buenaventura (on the Pacific coast) of that country.

The boat, which had a departure permit to fish between the Buenaventura and the sector known as Cape Corrientes in Chocó, was intercepted by Buenaventura Coast Guard units, which during an inspection found that the walls and doors of the cargo holds were covered with fiberglass, posing an obstacle to their inspection.

The boat was brought to the Coast Guard Station in Buenaventura, where upon opening the doors of the cargo holds, 16 sacks containing 512 packages of the alkaloid were found.

The Judicial Police (Dijin) performed the Standardized Preliminary Initial Test, yielding a positive result for cocaine hydrochloride. The substance and the boat’s seven crew members were turned over to the competent authorities at the Port of Buenaventura.

So far this year, the Pacific Naval Force has seized approximately 20 tons of cocaine, striking a blow against the financial structures of illegal organizations along the Colombian Pacific coast.