More than a Ton of Cocaine Seized in the Costa Rican Pacific

By Dialogo
February 28, 2013

Over a ton of cocaine was seized by U.S. and Costa Rican authorities, when it was being transported on two ships in the Pacific, between February 24 and 26, official sources reported.

A Colombian national, two Mexicans and four Costa Ricans were arrested during the operation, Chief of Counter Drug Police Mario Boraschi stated.

The official explained that on February 24, U.S. patrol boats halted a Costa Rican-flagged vessel with 500 kilos of drugs. Two Mexican and one Costa Rican crew members were arrested.

On February 26, about 290 kilometers off the coast of Puntarenas; the main Costa Rican port on the Pacific, a second interdiction was made in which 500 kilos were seized from a speedboat. A Colombian and three Costa Rican nationals were aboard the vessel, the official added.

Boraschi said that the boats were halted due to a joint maritime and air patrolling effort carried out by the United States and Costa Rica, with the support of a radar system.

“We are waiting for their [the detainees] arrival at the port, to start legal proceedings,” the Chief of the Counter Drug Police, who is also deputy minister of the presidency, said.

According to a report published this week, Costa Rica has seized 3.2 tons of cocaine so far this year, including the 1,000 kilos seized in these two interdictions.

Like other Central American nations, Costa Rica is a major transit point for cocaine, which is transported from producing countries in South America towards the United States.