Morales Praises Bolivian Armed Forces Role in Defending Natural Resources

By Dialogo
August 09, 2013

On August 7, Bolivian President Evo Morales praised the role of the Armed Forces in guaranteeing that the use of natural resources remain in the hands of the State.

“The only ones that can guarantee that natural resources are never privatized again are the social movements and the Armed Forces,” Morales said at a military parade held to celebrate the Armed Forces’ anniversary.

Morales mentioned several moments in Bolivian history when the military participated in actions taken to nationalize natural resources, including the support of the military during the nationalization of hydrocarbons in the first year of his administration (2006).

“These historical facts prove that our Armed Forces are nationalist, socialist and anti-imperialist,” he said.

With respect to the historical reputation that the Bolivian Military has earned as participants in the country’s coup d‘états until democracy was restored in Bolivia in 1982, Morales said that, “the past is in the past.”

The Bolivian Armed Forces celebrated their 188th anniversary on August 7, celebrated a day after the country’s independence.