Missing Peru Police Killed by Shining Path

By Dialogo
April 20, 2012

They are not guerrillas or terrorists, they are NARCOTERRORISTS, that live in the thick jungle and who charge a quota to traffickers to PRETEND to be alleged guerrillas. They are in fact remnants of what they were in the '80s.
The leader of Peruvian Maoist rebel group Shining Path claimed responsibility on April 18, for the killing of two police officers who went missing last week during a mission to search for 36 kidnapped construction workers.

Shining Path rebel leader Martin Quispe Palomino said the police were killed with machinegun fire after a helicopter they were in was shot down by the rebels.

“Since they were resisting, we annihilated them,” Quispe said, speaking to a regional television station in a remote, mountainous area of the Andes which serves as a stronghold for what remains of the group.

The two police officers have been missing since the incident, which occurred on April 12, after rebels abducted 36 workers employed by a Swedish company and a Peruvian firm in the jungles of southeastern Peru.

The workers were freed on April 14, after five days in captivity.

Authorities had previously recovered the body of a third police officer, a co-pilot of the downed helicopter, who was shot in the chest.

The army had launched a massive manhunt for the two missing police officials, who were believed to have been wounded in the crash.

Rebels showed reporters evidence that they had shot down the men, including wreckage from their helicopter, their weapons and bloodied uniforms.