Ministers from Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru Plan Anti-Drug Meeting

By Dialogo
December 08, 2010

Ministers from Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru are planning to meet in order to
coordinate tasks in the fight against drug trafficking, organized crime, and money
laundering, an official source said in La Paz.

“The initiative was put forward to hold a trilateral meeting among the
Brazilian justice minister, the Peruvian interior minister, and the Bolivian
interior minister in order to coordinate a joint fight against illicit activities,”
the Bolivian interior minister, Sacha Llorenti, announced.

Llorenti, who has primary responsibility for the fight against drugs in the
Bolivian government, said that “it is important that this trilateral meeting come to
pass, in order to coordinate activities in the area of interdicting drug trafficking
and in order to improve the exchange of information among the anti-drug forces of
the three countries.”

The interior minister, quoted by the government news agency ABI, indicated
that there is not yet a specific date for the meeting, because coordination is in

Llorenti was in Brazil at the end of November, when he met with the Brazilian
justice minister, Luiz Paulo Barreto, in a first approach to coordinating the fight
against drugs, amid a strong Brazilian police and military offensive to occupy slums
controlled by drug traffickers in Rio de Janeiro.

Barreto even proposed a South American strategy against drugs.

Brazil has indicated several times that drugs produced in Bolivia reach its
territory, while La Paz affirms that part of the cocaine is of Peruvian