Military Pentathlon at the Military World Games

Military Pentathlon at the Military World Games

By Dialogo
July 15, 2011

The military pentathlon is a competition based on the specific training of combatants. It encompasses six events: shooting, military obstacle course, utility swimming, grenade throwing, cross-country, and relay.

The equipment used in the shooting competition is a rifle with a caliber between 6mm and 8mm. The challenge is to hit the targets at a distance of two hundred meters. There are two categories. In the precision fire competition, ten shots are fired in ten minutes. In the rapid fire competition, ten shots are fired in one minute. The classification is obtained by adding together the results in the precision and rapid fire competitions.

The military obstacle course is five hundred meters long and has twenty obstacles. The objective is to overcome them all in the least possible time.

In utility swimming, the athlete will have to swim fifty meters with obstacles. The challenge is to pass two beams, one raft, and one platform, in the least possible time.

In grenade throwing, there are two events: distance throwing and precision throwing. In the first, the athlete has three tries to throw the grenade as far as possible. In the second, the competitor has to throw the projectiles at four circles located at different distances. The device does not contain gunpowder. Therefore, it does not explode.

The last competition is cross-country. It takes place on an uneven course. Men run 8,000 meters, while women run 4,000 meters.

There is one additional competition, the relay competition. It is held on the military obstacle course. There are twenty obstacles in five hundred meters, as in the individual competition.

Hello Colombia, I am jeison from Colombia, I am a sportsman of this wonderful sport every day I love this cute and beautiful game more and more . I want that all everyone that practices it give their best in the competitions. We´ll see you in the world championship. I would like you to send me a training program. It's for my thesis, please