Mexican Soldiers Seize 194 Kilos of Heroin

By Dialogo
May 13, 2011

Mexican military personnel seized a record shipment of 194 kilos of heroin in the state of Guerrero (in southeastern Mexico), which borders on the Pacific, the Secretariat of Defense announced in a statement on 11 May.

In the operation, the soldiers “succeeded in securing 194 kilos of heroin base in the vicinity of the settlement of Pandoloma, in the municipality of Helidoro Castillo, Guerrero,” the agency indicated.

Three alleged drug traffickers were detained in the operation, and “127 kilograms of poppy seeds, 57 grams of cocaine, four long guns, six ammunition clips, 354 cartridges of various calibers, and one vehicle” were also confiscated, the statement specified.

More than 55,000 soldiers are participating in an anti-drug operation launched in 2006; nevertheless, at least 37,000 people have been murdered since then in episodes linked to drug trafficking, according to official figures.