Meeting of Colombian and Venezuelan Military Commanders Announced

By Dialogo
October 20, 2010

Another meaningless meeting. And half the world knows that Hugo Chavez Frias is a supporter and friend of FARC illegals. You do know that Spain is asking for the extradition of a member of the ETA that works with the Chavez Government and what do you think of that? SO NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN COLOMBIA. CHAVEZ IS GOING TO CONTINUE WITH HIS fundamentalist exploits with IRAN, Algeria, Bolivia, Nicaragua etc. so DO NOT TRUST COMMANDER Chavez. The top military commanders of Colombia and Venezuela will meet soon to discuss border security and cooperation in the fight against illegal groups, Colombian Foreign Minister María Ángela Holguín indicated.

“We’re going to have a meeting of the armed forces, something that has not happened for many years, and it will be after the meeting between the presidents, at which there will be a statement and an ongoing dialogue about the fight against armed groups,” Holguín told Bogotá private radio station RCN.

The chief Colombian diplomat did not specify the date or place of the commanders’ meeting, but she indicated that it will be part of the process of fully normalizing bilateral relations between Bogotá and Caracas.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos plans to meet again at the end of October with his Venezuelan counterpart, Hugo Chávez, in order to continue the process of improving ties.

Santos said on 18 October that relations with Caracas “are going very well” and expressed the hope that “no one starts meddling in order to see how we can go back to fighting with one another, because that’s not our intention.”

The two presidents restored ties between Bogotá and Caracas in August and agreed to set up five working groups on issues such as security, defense, and trade.

Chávez froze ties with Bogotá in July 2009 due to a military agreement between Colombia and the United States, leading to a decline in bilateral trade, and chose to break off relations entirely in July of this year, in reaction to an accusation by then-president Álvaro Uribe, who affirmed that Colombian guerrillas were operating in Venezuela.