Marines Save Baby’s Life Amid Fighting

By Dialogo
August 16, 2012

During the development of an operation in which the Colombian Navy broke up the entire commission of the Manuel Cepeda Vargas Front of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in Buenaventura, marine commanders found a three-month-old baby, the child of one of the guerrillas found at the site. Explosives and weapons were also found at the site.

Admiral Roberto García Márquez, commander of the Colombian Navy Forces, rated the fact that the FARC had a three-month-old baby in a rural area of Buenaventura, where their Manuel Cepeda Urban Front met, as inhumane.

The military leader discussed the Marine Corps operation that took place on August 13, in which three guerrillas were killed and six others captured, while also seizing an arsenal consisting of rifles, explosives and ammunition. He explained that once the troops noticed the baby’s presence, they put the child in a safe place and gave him the highest priority, protecting him in the midst of the fighting that arose.

“The care and the procedures performed by our command to protect the child are a stark contrast to the inhumane treatment this baby got,” said Admiral García.

He revealed that they found a group of 11 members of the FARC’s Manuel Cepeda Front in the location where they surprised the terrorists, of which nine were neutralized. One wounded terrorist fled by jumping in a river. This front was responsible for the recent attacks against the electrical infrastructure that interrupted the electric service in Buenaventura.

Among those neutralized, they found the mother of the baby, an underage guerrilla, who was placed in protective custody with the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare.

The operation in Buenaventura is an initial product of the operations that Colombian Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzón has coordinated since serving in the city of Cali.