Mali: Modified Mosquitos Fight Malaria

By Dialogo
October 01, 2010

A laboratory in Mali will soon be raising Africa’s first mosquitoes
genetically modified to resist malaria. According to www.sciDev.Net, the laboratory
is at the University of Bamwako’s Malaria Research and Training Centre. Its research
is part of a partnership between the University of Bamako and Keele University in
the United Kingdom. Researchers hope that resistant mosquitoes will one day take
over wild populations, eventually wiping malaria out. Three Malian scientists have
trained at Keele under the partnership.
Mamadou Coulibaly, head of the center’s Genomics and Proteomics Laboratory
and principal investigator on the project, said the laboratory should be producing
the mosquitoes by 2011.
Scientists hope to test their modified insects in large outdoor field cages
within three years. The test site will be a field station in one of the villages
outside Bamako that has a long history of working with the university. Researchers
said similar projects are in the works in other parts of the world.