Latin American Experts Analyze Methods of Cooperation Against Terrorism

By Dialogo
February 04, 2009

Today experts from Latin America and the United States convened a meeting in Costa ‎Rica to analyze possible methods of cooperation against terrorism and its financial ‎sources.‎ The Vice-Minister of the Presidency of Costa Rica, José Torres, commented at the ‎inauguration of the event that “all countries” are vulnerable to attacks, a situation that ‎‎“demonstrates the need to address this scourge from global and regional perspectives.”‎ The functionary explained that this meeting is intended to “formulate, discuss, and ‎establish procedures, actions, and strategies oriented toward the prevention, control, and ‎suppression of terrorism.”‎ The experts pointed to drug and weapon trafficking, human trafficking, product ‎counterfeiting, smuggling, fraud, kidnapping, and extortion as the main sources of ‎terrorism’s funding.‎ ‎“Terrorism and its financing are real problems that impact this region, and it is up to all ‎states to take them into consideration. Ignoring this situation would be a serious ‎mistake,” said Torres.‎ Participants in this event, which is called The Sub-Regional Workshop on Terrorism ‎Financing and which will end next Friday, include functionaries associated with the ‎safety of the United States and Latin American countries such as Paraguay, Costa Rica, ‎Ecuador, Brazil, and Bolivia.‎ This event, in which systems of control, prevention, and suppression of the financing of ‎terrorism are analyzed, also expects the regional representative of the United Nations ‎Office on Drugs and Crime, Mauro Miedico, to attend.‎ Also present are the director of the Inter-American Committee Against Terrorism of the ‎Organization of American States (OAS), Ignacio Ibáñez, and the representative of the ‎Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission, John Grajales, among other ‎authorities.‎