Last Brazilian World War II Veteran Pilot Dies

Last Brazilian World War II Veteran Pilot Dies

By Dialogo
September 18, 2013

Lieutenant General José Carlos de Miranda Corrêa died on September 15, in Rio de Janeiro. He died at 1:13 p.m. at the age of 93, in the Hospital Central da Aeronáutica (HCA), where he was hospitalized.

Lieutenant General Miranda Corrêa was a Combat Pilot and Information Officer in the World War II 1st Fighter Aviation Regiment, in Italy. Between November 13, 1944 and January 3, 1945, he participated in eight war missions.

Currently, he was the last surviving Brazilian veteran of World War II. Before he fought in Italy, then Lieutenant Miranda Corrêa performed his training as a Combat Pilot in the United States and Panama.

After his return to Brazil, he remained in the 1st Fighter Aviation Regiment, on the Santa Cruz Air Force Base. Later, he studied aeronautical engineering and served as Director of Engineering at the Material Directorate and the Routes Directorate. While living in Canada, he was part of the International Civil Aviation Organization, in the city of Montreal.

Some of the awards he was honored with throughout his career include the Aviation Cross – A Ribbon, the Italy Campaign, the Atlantic South Campaign, the Order of Air Merit, the Santos Dumont Order of Merit, a Distinguished Flying Cross (for sinking a German ship on the coast of Rio de Janeiro), a Presidential Unit Citation, and a Bronze Star, with the latter three having been awarded by the U.S. government.

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) and the Brazilian Expeditionary Force (FEB) registered in Brazil’s military history pages of glory and heroism that make us proud and are valued by the allied countries in the Second World War conflict. Brig. MIRANDA CORRÊA will be remembered as an example of courage, professional virtue, an aeronautical vocation motivator, and love to the Homeland that watch his birth. By the way, Brazil was the only country which offered soldiers to the Great War without being intimidated or invited. It only requested, in retribution, a piece of land in Pistoia, Italy, to bury his dead. Today, the Pistoia cemetery is symbolic and the remains of our soldiers rest at the FEB Monument at Rio de Janeiro city.
Ney de Araripe Sucupira – Honorary Member of the Brazilian Air Force – São Paulo