Larrea Is “Proud” To Have Participated In A Mission To Assist Hostages

By Dialogo
May 26, 2009

The Ecuadorian ex-minister of Internal and External Security Gustavo Larrea assured today that he feels “proud” of having participated in a mission to free hostages that were being held by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). “I feel that the road to democracy, the road to peace requires for people such as myself in this case, to intervene in humanitarian missions, and I feel proud of having done so, Larrea stated. During an interview with the local television station Ecuavisa, he added that he didn’t feel that that participation should be censored. “I do not feel that it goes against the law to fight for hostages to be freed (…), on the contrary, I think that it is an important humanitarian gesture and I feel proud of this”, as indicated by Larrea, who once met with Luis Edgar Devia, “Raúl Reyes”, the international spokesperson for FARC who was killed in a Colombian bombing on a guerilla camp site in Ecuador in 2008. Larrea,currently a member of Government, was Minister of the Interior and, according to presidentRafael Correa, he will return to work in his administration. So far, he hasn’t revealed the country in which he had met with “Reyes”. He said that he request permission from that country to reveal its name, but he is still waiting for a response to this request. “I still do not have this authorization. I would like to tell you where and when the meeting took place; but unfortunately, I will have to wait for a response from that country to release that information”, he stated. Last May 7th, the commission for Supervision and Political Control of the Ecuadorian Legislature ruled out holding a political trial against Larrea for supposed negligence in the performance of his duty. Four official legislators out of the seven which comprise that commission, decided to close the case, presented by the opponent Julio Logroño, who considered that Larrea was negligent in meeting with the leaders of that armed group, when he attempted to exchange the hostages held by the FARC for guerrilla fighters who were being held in Colombian jails. Diplomatic relations between Ecuador and Colombia are broken since the camp site bombing, where “Raúl Reyes” died”.