LAB DOP Will Analyze the Samples from the 5th Military World Games

LAB DOP Will Analyze the Samples from the 5th Military World Games

By Dialogo
July 07, 2011

The Anti-Doping Laboratory (LAB DOP), in partnership with the Technological Development Support Lab (LADETEC) of the UFRJ Chemistry Institute, will be responsible for performing anti-doping analyses at the 5th CISM Military World Games, which will take place from July 16th to 24th, in Rio de Janeiro.

The only anti-doping laboratory in Brazil and the first in Latin America to be accredited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), in 2002, the LAB DOP – LADETEC partnership was responsible for analyzing the samples from the Rio 2007 Pan American Games and from the 45th World Military Shooting Championship, held in November 2010.

“In the world, there are only thirty-five laboratories accredited by WADA, and only two in South America. It’s fundamental to preserve ethics in sports and equality of opportunities for all competitors. The goal of anti-doping tests is that the training and effort of the athletes is what prevails in obtaining results,” affirmed the anti-doping manager for the Peace Games, Cmdr. João Carlos Gonçalves.

The regulations of the International Military Sports Council (CISM) provide for a minimum number of tests per event. At least 217 tests will be performed on the athletes, and eight on the animals (horses) participating in the equestrian events. The selection criterion for the tests will be random, and it will not start with the winners of the competitions. The only requirement is for record breakers.

If any records are broken at the 5th Military World Games, the athletes who break them will have to be tested.