‘La Pajara,’ alleged gang leader, captured by Nicaraguan National Police

‘La Pajara,’ alleged gang leader, captured by Nicaraguan National Police

By Dialogo
April 17, 2014

Nicaraguan gangs known as “tumbadores” are robbing drug shipments from drug traffickers on the eastern and western coasts
The Tumbadores in Nicaragua steal drug shipments from drug trafficking groups operating in the country. These transnational criminal organizations include Los Urabenos and Los Rastrojos, which are based in Colombia, and the Mexican-based Sinaloa Cartel and La Familia Michoacana.
Gangs of tumbadores rely on networks of informants to provide information about drug shipments.
Taxi drivers, gas station workers, and informants who are supposed to be working for cartels and other large drug traffickers often tip off tumbadores to incoming shipments of drugs, authorities said. Tumbadores pay these informants for such information.
‘La Pajara’ captured

National Police agents captured the alleged leader of a gang of tumbadores Franklin Heriberto Torres Bejarano, on March 7 in Granada, a tourist town on Lake Nicaragua. Torres Bejarano, 44 also is known as “La Pajara.”
La Pajara had been on the run since January 2013, when Nicaraguan security forces launched a major operation against tumbadores gangs.
Police arrested two dozen men in the 2013 sweep and arrest warrants were issued for 25 others, including La Pajara.
La Pajara was living in a $1,000 a month rental house in Granada when police captured him, authorities said. Police found $32,000 in cash in the home. La Pajara was sporting dyed blond hair and a blond beard in an apparent attempt to disguise himself.
He was the leader of a gang that trafficked drugs and robbed drug shipments, authorities said. He is accused of multiple counts of drug trafficking and of stealing at least three shipments of cocaine, including a 200-kilo shipment stolen in November, 2012.
La Pajara controlled several gangs of tumbadores in the Rivas Department on Nicaragua’s Pacific coast, according to authorities. Sandwiched between the ocean and Lake Nicaragua, the area is a major thoroughfare for Colombian drugs being moved overland by criminal groups associated with various Mexican transnational criminal organizations, including the Sinaloa Cartel and La Familia Michoacana.
Stealing from drug cartels can be dangerous. In September 2008, Nicaraguan National Police in the city of Rivas arrested a group of eight men, led by a Mexican national and including some Honduran nationals.
The suspects were armed with a stash of weapons and had an alleged “hit list” of six Nicaraguans they intended to kill. La Pajara was on the hit list, because he and his gang had allegedly stolen a shipment of 800 kilos of cocaine on the Pan American Highway two months earlier, authorities said.

Continued vigilance

Nicaraguan security forces must remain vigilant in the fight against tumbadores, said Armando Rodriguez, a security analyst at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Police have developed strong relationships with members of communities from regions throughout the country, the security analyst said. Law-abiding community members can provide information about the operations of tumbadores, Rodriguez said.
“The police have very good communication skills with diverse populations throughout virtually all the territory (where tumbadores operate),” Rodriguez said. “This is something that should be strengthened in the fight against organized crime groups.”
Security forces need to continue to go after tumbadores to prevent them from stealing drugs and selling them in Nicaragua, instead of selling them to other organized crime groups that will then move the drugs out of the country, Rodriguez said.
“It is important that the security forces do not allow local drug markets to develop,” Rodriguez said.
Julieta Pelcastre contributed to this article.

Well, this man was accused of stealing from drug traffickers, but my question is who was he harming, the drug traffickers or the narc-policemen? I imagine that the high officers felt pressured by the drug traffickers and captured him. In Nicaragua, generally delinquency is fought off. Hooray for the Nicaraguan police. IT IS NECESSARY THAT ALL POLICE FORCES OF CENTRAL AMERICA WORK TOGETHER, BUT AT THE SAME TIME ELIMINATE THE CORRUPTION WITHIN THE POLICE FORCE OF SOME COUNTRIES. THE PHENOMENON OF GANGS HAS SEVERAL RAMIFICATIONS: DRUG TRAFFICKING, EXTORTION, KIDNAPPING, HIRED ASSASSINS, WEAPON TRAFFICKING, PEOPLE TRAFFICKING, WHITE SLAVE TRAFFICKING. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, THE WHOLE REGION TO BE AT WAR? You slackers should work for real. It's good that they captured this gangster in order to start cleaning Central America. I'm not entirely sure if combats should be prioritized. Who is being harmed, the potential enemy, the original trafficker? Although, they supposedly also negotiate coke, right? And why can "jailbirds" easily obtain the merchandise delivery information, and not the authorities? It's good that they are fighting drug trafficking because this will stop the youth from being idle. The youth should be in school receiving the bread of knowledge. We must declare war on the gangs, because when these gain strength, nothing will stop them. It's already happening in Honduras where the youth is getting lost and is dedicated to extortion and assassination. It's good to capture everyone in his gang, and clean up the country. Yours, Mendoza. GREAT COORDINATION... I WISH GUATEMALA ACTED THE SAME WAY, BUT HERE IT'S VERY, VERY DIFFICULT, THEY SELL THEMSELVES VERY EASILY. The Santo Domingo police needs to TAKE CARE OF ITS COUNTRY FIRST, IN ORDER TO GAIN THE TRUST OF THE PEOPLE. THAT MAN DESERVES THE DEATH SENTENCE. THIS KIND OF PEOPLE DON'T DESERVE TO LIVE AND ARE FROWNED UPON BY SOCIETY. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE POLICE, JUST DON'T SELL YOURSELVES OVER A PLATE OF LENTILS AND GIVE HIM WHAT HE DESERVES. I'm glad they captured those felons but they should be treated as humans. We all make mistakes. They captured "Los Tumbadores"! Why? That's a good question, maybe it's because the "protégées" are experiencing losses, and that's why the authorities are doing something.

Think and analyze..... This is very good but proper justice should be applied. Well, of course we must fight against gang operations, but why not fight against all organized crime. WHICH DIVISION IS THAT? It's wonderful that the authorities are following up on these people that cause so much harm to humanity. Gangs are a bad example for children.