Karrubi Calls for Mobilizations to Continue

By Dialogo
June 23, 2009

Tehran, 22 June (EFE).- Today the reformist cleric Mehdi Karrubi, one of the defeated candidates in the June 12 elections, called on the Iranian people to keep on protesting and to honor the dead with new protests in Tehran. "I invite all citizens to participate in a ceremony to commemorate the martyrs of the last few days, which date, place, and time will be announced shortly," he affirmed in a statement posted on the website of his party, Etemad Melli. Likewise, the cleric criticized harshly the regime and appealed for the release of detainees and the end of imposed restrictions on the press. He also appealed for the reestablishment of normal telephone service in order to permit the people to express their opinions freely. Karrubi finished in fourth and last place in the June 12 presidential balloting, receiving only 0.8 percent of the votes, despite having obtained more than five million votes in the previous presidential elections, in 2005. Since the election results, considered fraudulent by the opposition, were made public, Iran has been the scene of protests and disturbances in which more than twenty people have died, according to official figures.