Kaká: “I Enjoy Playing in Spain More Than in Italy”

By Dialogo
January 14, 2010

Ricardo “Kaká,” a Brazilian forward and newly-signed player for Real Madrid, coming from Milan, declared that he feels “more comfortable playing in Spain,” in an interview with radio station Cadena SER. “I enjoy it more here than in Italy because this is a more open, technically richer soccer. Italian soccer, on the other hand, is more tactical,” affirmed Kaká, who also spoke about some of his comrades. “Cristiano Ronaldo is great, a phenomenal player, and a very gracious person. We’re friends, and we talk about everything. He’s a phenomenon, just like Raúl, whom I ask a lot of questions about Madrid and about Spain.” The Brazilian also referred to his goal for this season, in which his preference is to win the European title with his team. “I prefer winning the Champions to winning the league. It’s the most important tournament, and it would be a dream come true to win it at Bernabéu Stadium,” said Kaká, who thinks that the team “grew a lot following our defeat by Barcelona, since we realized that we were capable of beating the best team in the world.” In addition, the forward said that he “feels totally recovered” from the pubalgia that has kept him off the playing field for a month and a half. “I’ve been playing with pain for seven months, but thank God, it doesn’t hurt anymore. On Sunday I was able to play almost seventy minutes without pain. I know that people were expecting much more from me, but the pubalgia has limited me a lot (...). “Even so, despite not doing things too well, I’ve been the player with the most assists,” Kaká said. Finally, he reviewed the way in which he understands religion. “I give part of my salary to my community. I am very radical in my values, and I don’t negotiate them with anyone (...). I’ve had many experiences with God that have left their mark on me, but I single out two: my wife got pregnant six months after we were told that we couldn’t have children, and when I was eighteen, I broke my sixth vertebra, and the doctors told me that it was a miracle that I could walk,” Kaká explained. Ricardo Ízecson Dos Santos Leite, “Kaká,” joined Real Madrid this summer, coming from Milan, and since then, due to a painful injury, has not been able to perform at his highest level.