Judo at the Military World Games

By Dialogo
July 15, 2011

Judo fights take place on an 8m x 8m tatami. Each fight lasts up to five minutes, if no athlete succeeds in applying the ippon, the perfect move in this sport and one that ends the fight independently of the moment at which it is executed.

In the case of a tie, there is an extension of up to three minutes, in which the winner is determined by any point scored. If the tie persists, the referees decide the winner. There are three referees, and each has one vote.

Judo points are classified as yuko, wazari, and ippon. A yuko happens when the opponent falls sideways or when he or she is immobilized for between 15 and 19 seconds. A wazari is scored when the rival is thrown backward without the force or speed characteristic of an ippon. Immobilization for 20 to 24 seconds also characterizes a wazari. A wazari is worth half a point.

Two wazaris equal one ippon. An ippon determines the winner. It happens when the opponent falls down on his or her back, at the end of a perfect move, finalized by a stranglehold or chokehold, or when he or she is immobilized for 25 seconds.