Italian and Colombian Mafias Work Together in Spain

By Dialogo
January 20, 2009

After the arrest of the Neapolitan “capo” Salvatore Zazo, which took place in Barcelona in ‎Northeastern Spain, the Spanish newspaper "El País" reported on Monday that the ‎Neapolitan Camorra and Colombian drug cartels are working together in Spain. ‎ ‎“The Camorra and Colombian cartels are working together (in Spain)," General Gaetano ‎Maruccia, Chief of the General Command of Naples’ Carabineri, told the newspaper in a ‎phone conversation. ‎ From Spain, Zazo led the “import of huge amounts of cocaine from Colombia to Naples,” ‎due to the “friendship created in Spain between the Camorra, local criminals, and the Latin ‎American cartels," said Maruccia. ‎ The arrested capo “was liaising with the Colombian mafia," while he “led the Mazarella ‎organization, which dominates the drug market in the historical centre of Naples,” said the ‎daily publication, quoting an Italian police report. ‎ According to El País, Zazo’s presence in Spain is a result of the Neapolitan Camorra’s way ‎of working, “sending bosses and liaisons to third countries in order to establish alliances ‎with international mafias." ‎ ‎“The Neapolitan criminal organization has created logistic bases in some of the main ‎Spanish cities, where they have several important fugitives, and has created friendly ‎relationships with a wide network of collaborators belonging to local and Latin American ‎organized crime," General Maruccia told the newspaper. ‎ ‎“The climate, the cultural affinities and, until recently, the state of ‘brick paradise,’ have ‎turned Spain into the core of intermediary groups and made it one of the favourite places” ‎of the Italian Mafia. ‎ Maruccia believes that “there are many fugitives in Spain. They traffic not only in cocaine, ‎but also in hashish and heroin.” ‎ In recent months, three other Neapolitan capos have been arrested in Spain, where last ‎January 8th the Colombian drug trafficker Leónicas Vargas Vargas, alias "El Viejo," was ‎also murdered in the hospital in which he was admitted.