IOC President Compliments Rio and London Preparations

By Dialogo
July 30, 2010

The president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Jacques Rogge, complimented the initial preparatory work by Rio de
Janeiro for the 2016 Olympic Games and expressed hope that an African country may
soon obtain the right to organize the Olympic Games.

The leader also complimented those responsible for the organization of the
2012 London Games for being on schedule and respecting the budget, two years prior
to the beginning of the competition.

“We are very glad because they (London) are on schedule and within budget and
have also developed the vision behind the Games very well. This means bringing
sports to the people, not just in the United Kingdom, but in the entire world,”
Rogge told Reuters TV.

With regard to the Games in Rio de Janeiro, Rogge, who has always been a
defender of bringing the Olympic Games to developing countries, said that the
initial preparations are going as planned. The leader also emphasized that the
Olympic Games will benefit from the infrastructure improvements that are being made
for the 2014 World Cup.

“They had the best bid. Brazil is an emerging country, and this is a good
sign for the Olympic movement. If we can do the same in Africa in the future, it
would be good as well.”

The Belgian said that he has discussed the possibility of holding the 2020 or
2024 Olympic Games in South Africa with South African president Jacob Zuma, and that
he is in favor of a candidacy.

“I discussed it during the World Cup, and what we are going to do is work
together to prepare a list of what is needed in order to be a good candidate for the
Games, because organizing the Olympic Games and the FIFA
World Cup are two different things. The logistics of the Olympic Games are more